Privacy Policy

EFFY Task Tracking App has been developed by TechnoPurple IT Solutions Private Limited. TechnoPurple has a clearly stated position that privacy of EFFY App Users is utmost priority for us and we strive to protect the same.

Please find the reasoning below for various permissions required by EFFY App:

If any of the above permissions are not given the App is not allowed by Android System to undertake its functioning.

EFFY is a paid App and due charges towards development, operations and maintenance of App are taken from App subscribers. There is no reason to cover costs of App by compromising the privacy of App users. Hence there is no advertising ID or code used by the App to track user behaviour and push unsolicited marketing material to App users. TechnoPurple hereby submits that since its inception in 2010, there has not been a single instance globally where any User / Business has reported any personal data compromise on account of using TechnoPurple EFFY.

TechnoPurple uses location and mobile data only when App is Checked In during Working Hours. App stops using GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile Data once the user Checks Out / Logs Out of the App or after set Working Hours.

In addition to data punched in by users on App, TechnoPurple only captures GPS Location, Bluetooth Signal, WiFi Signal, Battery Percentage, Charging Status, Date Time Settings, Available RAM, and Developer Settings. TechnoPurple in no manner whatsoever captures data from applications like SMS, Call Logs, Email, Contact Book, Photos, WhatsApp, Facebook, Browsing History and Other Application Data.

TechnoPurple is a company of repute and maintains highest standards of product development. Due to this focus on quality, TechnoPurple EFFY App is trusted by top clients in over 30 countries since its inception in 2010. For innovation in the field of location based services, TechnoPurple has been the winner of multiple awards namely The Economic Times Power of Ideas Award (2010, 2012) organised in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. TechnoPurple has also been awarded by Digital Technology Award (2018) by the coveted Indian Merchants Chambers (IMC), one of India’s oldest and most respected business associations.

Only aim of TechnoPurple EFFY App is to enhance the efficiency of Users and Businesses using the App. Let us take your business from Good to Great using EFFY.