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Facility Management is of paramount importance to keep the places where we work, live, play, shop, eat – pleasant and productive. It also impacts the longevity of property and assets. Companies need to ensure the facility's workforce is equipped with the right technology tools for real-time efficacy tracking
Challenges of Facility Managers
  • Cut Manpower Cost without compromising SLA
  • Delay in locating Technicians for Priority Work Orders
  • The Paper Service Checklist is no longer Trusted
  • Friction with Residents about Incomplete Housekeeping Jobs

Why Facility Management Companies Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more work orders per day!

Attendance with Leave Management

Ensure housekeeping and MEP staff are present at the assigned property location as per allocated time and get alerts for delayed arrivals or absenteeism
Attendance with Leave Management
Real-Time Outdoor–Indoor Location Tracking

Real-Time Outdoor–Indoor Location Tracking

Track live position of the workforce in horizontally spread communities using GPS or vertically rising towers using Bluetooth Beacons or WiFi for efficient job assignment

Geo-Tagging Locations and Barcoding Assets

Use GPS to authenticate cleaning of outdoor assets like Bins, Signage and use Bluetooth, WiFi, QR Code to authenticate service of indoor electrical, civil, HVAC, plumbing assets
Geo-Tagging Locations and Barcoding Assets
Prevention and Reactive Job Scheduling

Prevention and Reactive Job Scheduling

Assign priority breakdown work order to nearest skilled technician and for daily – weekly repetitive cleaning jobs get an instant alert in case of any deviations from plan

Digital Checklist and PDF Service

Ensure all questions about hard and soft FM jobs are systematically answered on App backed by photo proof of work and shared as PDF with a client with signature proof
Digital Checklist and PDF Service
Interactive Compliance Dashboard and Integration

Interactive Compliance Dashboard and Integration

Monitor work assignment, task expiry and job ageing / approval for multiple sites on a single consolidated BI dashboard and easily integrate work order details with existing CAFM

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of housekeeping / maintenance team salary, EFFY guarantees unmatched improvement in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your field FM workforce.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Execute More Work Orders Daily

Digitally identify the amount of daily idle of each person so that roles and tasks can be clubbed for optimum ROI

Easy Allocation of Priority Jobs

Without making multiple random calls, identify the technician closest to location of the problematic asset

Proof of Work Bridges Trust Deficit

PDF service report nicely captures the details of the caller, issue reported, engineer arrival, details of work and departure time

Transparency Improves Customer Confidence

Client love dashboards showing live details of total staff deployment, open / in-progress / on-hold / completed work orders
#1 Facility Workforce Tracking App You Will Subscribe!

Your Hard-working Housekeepers and Facility Managers will love it !

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