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Sales are the heart of any business as it drives revenue into the company. Sales team plays a pivotal role in linking the company’s products and services to its end customers. Companies need to ensure field sales workforce is equipped with the right technology tools for real-time effectiveness tracking.
Challenges of Sales Manager
  • Fake Customer Visits and Expense Claims
  • Undisciplined Presence in Target Market
  • Business Lost due to Missed Follow-Ups
  • Unorganised Format of Visit Reporting

Why Sales Companies Love Effy ?

EFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more revenue per employee!

Attendance & Working Hours

Streamline presence of sales team in target markets by ensuring attendance is marked within a defined time frame and from the assigned geographical area fence
Attendance & Working Hours
Live Movement Tracking

Live Movement Tracking

Track current location and distance travelled by sales staff on Google Map with an option to replay historic activity on map for quick and reliable conveyance settlement.

Geo-Tagging Customers

View a permanent pointer on Map for every customer visited and automatic geo fencing ensures every genuine visit gets captured by App with entry – exit time
Geo-Tagging Customers
Scheduling and Follow-Up Reminders

Visit Scheduling and Follow-Up Reminders

Schedule client visits on a calendar that gets pushed as task on the employee’s phone. Get reminder notifications for follow-up in case task gets expired for planned day

Instant Visit Reporting with Mobile Forms

Skip paper / WhatsApp / email based unstructured reporting instead design desired visit reporting format using dynamic form builder having all possible data field types
Reporting with Mobile Forms
Analytical Manager Portal with Report

Analytical Manager Portal with Reports

Rate sales team performance by analysing different KPIs captured by admin portal and get consolidated sales charts for the entire team in system triggered auto email

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of sales team salary, EFFY guarantees remarkable improvement
in utilization, efficiency and productivity of your field sales staff.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with EFFY.

Disciplined Working Hours

Easily consolidate accurate attendance of your distributed workforce for payroll processing at end of month

Increased Customer Interactions

Sales are all relationship building and task planner ensures all the leads are followed up till logical conclusion is reached

Reduced Expense Claim Bills

Rule based forms that can be filled in offline mode help in capturing all types of expenses irrespective of mode of transport

Organised Sales Reporting

Uniform and timely sales reporting by entire team makes the job of sales manager simple and decisive
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Your Super Sales Executives and Area Managers will love it !

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