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Logistics is essential for an efficient Supply Chain management (SCM). Compliance with Health, Environment and Safety (HSE) standards is vital too, so that inbound - outbound movement of goods happens timely and safely. Companies that outsource logistics need to ensure that right technology tools are in place for real-time freight tracking.
Challenges of SCM / HSE Managers
  • Multiple Transporters, Multiple Tracking Windows
  • Difficult to Track Real-Time Shipment / Violation Updates
  • No Driver and Transporter Rating for Past Performance
  • Delayed Emergency Response for Transit Incidents

Why Manufacturing and Modern Trade Companies love Vffy ?

VFFY has features that guarantee improved efficiency
and more safe deliveries per day!

Single Window Tracking Dashboard

Track vehicles real-time from any fleet operator using any tracking system (OEM installed, wired / portable device, SIM card / mobile app based tracking) using API integration
Single Window Tracking Dashboard
Trip Management and Alert Profiles

Trip Management and Alert Profiles

Define trips by marking consignor / consignee geo fences and get alerts on transit delays, increase in trip distance, unauthorized stoppages, vehicle detention and trip completion

Automatic Driver and Transporter Rating

Set violation profiles based on the hazardous nature of goods or type of terrain to generate the automatic rating based on continuous driving, speeding, night driving, deviations
Automatic Driver and Transporter Rating
Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS Repository

Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS Repository

Upload MSDS for all products with hazard classification and mandatorily attaches to ongoing trips so that information about first aid, firefighting, handling and storage are readily available

Emergency Intimation and Golden Hour Response

Collaborate and create a repository of verified emergency points of interest (police station, fire station, hospitals, crane services) along the route with location proof
Emergency Intimation and Golden Hour Response
End Customer App and Analytics

End Customer App and Analytics

Provide customers with a custom branded app for instant trip updates with ETA on entering just the invoice no. or SAP shipment and use graphical widgets to plug trip violation gaps

Key Benefits

By investing less than 1% of trip freight cost, VFFY Aggregator guarantees unmatched improvement in safety, efficiency and productivity of your logistics operations.
Find answers to WHO – WHERE – WHEN – WHAT – WHY – WHOM easily with VFFY.

Unified Tracking of All Transit Shipments

No need to decipher different tracking software systems to get information about your shipments

Proactive Monitoring Reduces Incidents

Run more shipments transporters / drivers who do less violations and run less shipments with entities who violate more

Prompt Handling of Incident Emergencies

Avoid Google searches and unverified providers on the day of incident by plotting on map emergency responders in peace time

Reliable Information Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Sharing transparent shipment updates is appreciated by clients as it helps them in forward planning
#1 Aggregated Vehicle Tracking System You Will Subscribe

Your Safety and Supply Chain Managers will love it !

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